mr. human and the thorn bush

I was just so encouraged this morning with something I read in the precious Word.I thank the Lord so much for His living Word that is God-breathed and wonderful and the only word that is almost in a weird way tangible… Some might think that it is human opinion and not intellectual… they couldn’t be more wrong.. it is full of Life and Reality… en in my kortstondige lewe het ek nog nooit so ‘n intellektuele boek tee gekom nie.
Anyway what really thrilled and encouraged me was Exo.3:2 : And the Angel of Jehovah appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a thornbush and when he looked there was the thornbush, burning with fire; but it was not consumed.
How precious. I have often heard this story but never realized the true meaning of it. With the fall of humanity, thorns were related to something cursed. In our fallen state/humanity, we fall short of the glory of God. Our vessels are inadequate almost cursed…but still the Lord chose to make His abode in it! Fire is related to God and His Glory and Righteousness. How sweet the Lord of Glory chose the thornbush aka ‘us’ to manifest His glory through His Spirit in us and… we are not consumed …we just need to use the fire as our fuel and not our human capability.
I realized so many times that I am but a thornbush.. my self-seeking heart and my sin make it so visible ..but praise the Lord that there is a fire in the thornbush… in this broken vessel which is me… I have a fire that helps me to move forward and not stay at a condition that ruins me. In my humanity I am but nothing, but there is a glorious fire in this humanity!  


  1. thanks fiorka xx

  2. you are so beautiful Nadja.. You have a lovely soul with a heart to serve the Lord. God bless you


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