real beauty is imperfection

I recently came back from our trip to Europe and it was really amazing. I never knew asparagus had such a celebrity status in Munich and the results of it… always take perfume with to the ‘WC’ ladies and gents.
But back to some thoughts. After the fall (click here for the story), my life had pretty much not been the same. I never realized I lost a few of my words/vocabulary that formerly came to me effortlessly, and my view of importance had changed. But fortunately –unfortunately life goes on and memories of the event fade away. 
The good thing for me to remember is to write about the positive effects of hardships in our lives.

With my job comes the surrounding of image- consciousness. What a fleeting thing. When I had the accident I really injured my whole face pretty bad. The doctors thought that I had broken my cheekbones and nose. SO it was a horrid view. But somehow the Lord just showed me our spirit is so much more beautiful and can override the outward appearance. With the healing comes a bit of forgetfulness of that all important fact. But the beauty of a lovely spirit mixed with the Spirit is immeasurable… inside out 


  1. Great selection of photos!!!

    A kiss
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  2. I love your blog! The pictures are so nice and love your content as well!
    Europe is beautiful and romantic! I am from Hong Kong but I now live in New York, love these two cities as well :)
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