love for 12

This morning I just appreciated the number 12.If you would ask me what my favored number is … 12 would be it.
The number 12 in the Bible is actually 3 times 4. That is God (3) mingled with humanity (4). Oh I love it. So I read in Revelation about how the New Jerusalem is the mingling of Christ with man. How sweet. Luckily our flesh will not be there… gone… absent… away. I look forward to that. The reason for the flesh is to help us in a weird way to be transformed. Because if we didn’t have this stumbling block called ‘flesh’ we would not be able to know what it means to be transformed,and overcoming because we would be perfect. But on earth we are for sure not perfect because we have the flesh. It makes us fall into sin and do the things we don’t want to… but glory to Christ in us that teaches us to be normal Christians that may overcome.
Like the city in the New Jerusalem that have foundations that are 12 kinds of precious stones. Did you hear? That is us!! Wow God is everyday busy with his transformation work in us! To be precious stones for His building.
Precious stones develop from minerals and need to go through some many ‘temperature tests’ in order to be transformed into these stones… that’s our story… so sweet...but we need to be patient .


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