This morning I just realized the ranks that we need to have in our lives .Balance is key. But all too often I don’t know what the elucidation of balance is. I know I lack it all too often but really want to practice it, is it even something to practice? So I went to the dictionary to see what the explanation is: something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise. Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc. So it is habit of calmness… well I definitely do not have that always… mental steadiness or emotional stability? Sadly I have to be honest and admit I am also not virtuous with that. But (remember I like big ‘Buts’)… we have Jesus. Don’t be fooled about the cliché talk that comes to your mind now. We really do have Him. It all just dawned on me whenever I am living in my own little selfish world… I just need more of the enjoyment that I find in my God. That equals my balance. He teaches me with His Spirit. And it just takes a simple prayer of honesty to ask for His help, mentally /emotionally. So I figured, and this is just my person experience… when I live in my disordered mind or wild emotional state… I need more enjoyment from the magnificent One that created me… He is my equilibrium and balance!


  1. Your blog is so inspiring.<3


  2. thank you my darling! xxx

  3. Just found your blog and really love it!

    I want you to follow each other on our blogs ♥♥



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