weak but strong

Sometimes when we become weak God has the perfect opportunity in us to be strong. I realized in this past week how I so rely on my own capability, ability and skill… more often than not, that confidence in myself need to cease. I have the Creator of the universe wanting to intermingle with these abilities and make it attributes to give Him honor. I had to confess this morning, just my selfish aspirants wrapped up in my enjoyment and satisfaction. The reality of this is… our lives are not just for ourselves… it is so short sighted to think we live a life for our own pleasure… Every day we come in contact with so many people that need life imparted into them. If I keep this Life only for myself it becomes an abnormal mass and produces no fruits whatsoever. Lord I am weak but I know in my weakness you are strong… thank you for your unceasing patience and enduring love for me.. thank you that You never leave me in my own destruction..


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the back ones.
    You have such a naive style that i love.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!

  3. Love every word,inspiring. God is indeed our strength.


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