elke hond kry sy dag

The day started as any ‘ordinary’ day in my aunt’s house, chaotic being at the norm of the day. Her two trophy French poodles: Fiji and China had just come back from their morning jog in the prestige Waterkloof where dogs just ‘roll’ that way and anything else would be considered mediocre.
Juggling between kids and finding her car keys, my aunt Jeannie accidently left the house door open and left in a jiffy.

Fiji and China looked at each other, and having serotonin levels high after their jog, they opted for more than they could handle… they thought about taking to the street… and after a quick sip of their mineral water and dog-brains on a high.. They went for it..

The open door looked like the doorway to heaven and freedom lurking on the other side. Figi and China made a run for it, wind blowing through their frizzy blond hair… their paws feeling the sensation of grass, embracing their new found liberty.

After an hour of walking around in waterkloof my aunt Jeannie was getting very worried as she had returned to a French-poodle-less home. She knew that Figi and China was definitely not street wise and that this event could result in a neighboring funeral … she had to face the reality of it. Aunt Jeannie stopped at every place to found out if anyone has seen the ‘model citizens’ Figi and China… nothing had been found.

After hours of crying and tears flowing freely she received the phone call: ‘Good day is this the Grende residents?’.. ‘Yes’ she replied in a sobbing tone. ‘ Well, we would appreciate it if you would come and fetch your French poodles at Brooklyn Mall where they have been spending the afternoon.. Eating scons at Mug and Bean, stealing meat at Checkers and drinking all the milk at La Spiga.

She burst out laughing as she drove to Brooklyn mall to fetch the adventurers: Figi and China… Although a huge fine had to be paid she realized that ‘french poodles just wanna have fun, they wanna have fu-un,Oh,poodles,just wanna haveThat's all they really want.....Some fun....


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