my Wedding 19 july

Hi my dear friends and readers,

sorry for my lack of communication for a while, these past months have pretty much been a blur of great occurrences. The best one of all, i getting married in just 2 weeks and a few days. I had to share that because i know that each and every one of you have been here through the buffel and mumbling writings that at times might have seemed like cold cases of ADD and preoccupation with unsystematic things.

I intend to give the blog a non-surgical face lift when I am back from honeymoon and officially moved in with my new hubby Thiart. So don’t be to hard on me for a few days of silence. Thank you for each and every email and letter that inspired and motivated me for so many days! Herewith some kickass photos of a wedding …very similar to our setup on 19 JULY.
 Much love Nadja

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