The other day I was on my way to work and as I was driving I just felt this numb sad feeling about life. Very cynical and contemptuous. My brain usually goes into overdrive when those feelings rise and it is times like those that my husband always tells me to stop and phone him, which I often forget.

But back to my story (and I promise it has I positive ending) , I saw a cat that was no more present on planet earth beside the road, a life taken and everybody just remained in their rush to get to work. In all practicality I knew it would be robed of logic to stop and mourn the life of ‘’, but the symbolic side of the situation just stood out for me: My life had become a bubble where social networks and celebrity baloney robed me of my natural compassionate heart that had once cared for something like that. Not to say that I wasn’t sad, but I found myself on my cell phone looking at insipid pictures about a drunken party my friends had over the weekend. It felt like my brain was lifeless and I was helping it by filling it with more garbage.

As I drove further on the rainy day… (to add to the ambience it was actually a very cloudy day), the sun suddenly shone bright from behind a dark cloud. It was as if instant light just shone on my heart too. It was like the Lord was saying to me that my eyes should just look to the light and in the midst of a ‘crooked, fallen and corrupted’ world, where death happens, life and light will shine. The best part of it is this Light is in my heart and I sometimes numb it out by just looking at the ‘dead cat…drunken parties and dark clouds’. And the reality of it is that YES looking at these colourless empty things will leave me even emptier but it takes just a shift to look to the light. In fact to just turn to this Light every morning and knowing that we are so dependent on this Light to see the life in a fallen world.

2corin 4:6 For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts


  1. wonderfully written! I think that our sensitivity can be our great strenght...I often wished I was less sensitive but now I realized that in that sensitivity lies all my strenght because that little virtue I own is strongly connect with it.

    Someone can look at a dead cat and not be sad...I is in my nature to be saddened by it and I cannot go against my nature- even if it means that sometimes I'm not as stable or organized or in control as I want to be.

    That is what I have realized about've done some soul sharing, so I hope you don't mind I've joined in as well:)


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