2015 new

So here is to a new year and new beginnings. I always used to think that New Year’s resolutions are so outdated and the biggest cliché. But I realized that psychologically speaking it tells your brain it is a new beginning…and don’t we all need new beginnings.

Today we had a storm and then a rainbow followed , it was just for me a symbol that no matter how bad the storm is the rainbow follows. This year I will spend more time with the things and people that inspire me and leave me with a sense of growth. But above all I want to dedicate my life to God and everything that I do. Doing everything in excellence no matter how big or how small the task might me. To learn to conquer negative thoughts and grow with my husband in life and in spiritual ways. Live simple and do one thing at a time… doing it to the best of your ability.

Ok enough talk happy new year everyone and may your resolutions not only be this year but life choices 


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