words..the Word

This year it has just been made clear to me how precious the Lord’s Word is. I have to say that I take the Bible so for granted and don’t realize what a privilege it is to be able to just read it with no fear, where other countries in the world forbid it and is so serious about it that you might even be given over to a death sentence.

I see the power of the Word especially since my wonderful husband and I read it with intent and not just in a loose manner. I see the power of the Holy Spirit changing us day by day, even if we still fall into sin and loose track. The Lord is patient and He just wants us to come to His word daily. We don’t have to worry about changing this and that in our lives, it is as if the more we come to the Word the more our sins just decrease and in the end just don’t satisfy us anymore.  

Now I am maybe the sinner of sinners but thank goodness for the Lord working in me and being so patient. I remember feeling so far from God and then confessing my sins but still struggling to believe that the Lord had forgiven me. Then it was as if the Lord just said to me REMEMBER MY WORD. I cannot go against it. Watch out to connect your emotional feelings toward the Word all the time. You might feel that you are not forgiven but what does my Word say : If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1john 1:9).

It was as if He was saying: ‘that is my contract with you in black and white and I cannot go against my contract. Take it just as it stands and don’t connect your feelings that are always fluctuating with it.’ Trust my Words it is Spirit and Life. Flood yourself everyday with it, don’t concentrate on being a better person, concentrate on contacting me by my Word I will do the changing.

It gives me so much peace to know that our feelings are not always the reality of our circumstances and the Word help us to see life in a more objective realistic or maybe unrealistic but truthful way…


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