Prozac DIY

I saw a program on television the other day about a doctor in pursuit of happiness or analyzing the possibility of being able to alter the mind in being happy. It was quite interesting to see how the practice of positive thinking actually alters the mind to look for good in bad situation. Be it visual or conceptual. The doctor did a practice for two months to basically ‘practice’ happiness or positive thinking. For instance when looking at nature choosing to focus on something that is extraordinary beautiful, or when in a crowd of people looking for the person that smiles or when reading, picking only newspapers/ magazines that would have a positive outcome.

The result was amazing his serotonin levels had exceedingly increased without using any medication. It is as if the brain is like a muscle that we can exercise to develop in one way. BUT (now here is my big ‘butts’ that I always like)… is it sustainable… ?This practice … does one not tire of it after a while… being happy and all because I know I don’t always want to look at the positive things… it brought me back to my wonderful God.. and our treasure of a book He left for us called the Bible… this remarkable book when loved and studied has the ability to do exceedingly more than just keep me happy…it cleanses my conscience it makes me grow in life it gives me more love for my Creator and faithful Father.. it helps me to see people in a different way…it makes me act in an altered way naturally… I don’t mean it in a religious: ‘now read your Bible or perish’ kind of way…not at all. Just in a simple truthful way… it is pretty remarkable. As my husband Thiart and I study this book together I even see an unfathomable love-bond between us develop that is not thought out or ‘practiced’… just effortless and deep. I even look at him in a different way and feel so thankful for a friend to share these things with.

At the end of the program I thought ‘phewwww’ what a lot of things to practice… and if you complicate things for me I tend to just say: AG NEE leave it then.. then I just felt something simple in me saying… you know what, don’t complicate it, this Book of books I left behind for you is filled with things that help you to naturally look at things in a different way… love Me and my Word and I will do the changing… don’t add or take away..


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