Search me

Oh, my Lord
You search and you know me
You know when I sit
You know when I rise
You know what I think
You know where I'm going
Nothing oh, Lord
Can hide from your eyes

You close me in

Behind and before me
You shield me with
Your mighty hand
Such knowledge is
Too wonderful for me
Too much for me
To understand

Where can I go
To flee from your Spirit?
And from Your Presence
Where can I hide?
Behold, up in heaven
You're there beside me
In the depths of the darkness
You're by my side

And if I rise

On the wings of the morning
Or settle on
The far side of the sea
Even there Your hand will guide me
For Your right hand
Is holding me

And if I say
The darkness will hide me
The night will shine
As bright as day
So search me Lord
Love and lead me

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