I had been nonchalantly doing my GHD justice by using his man made talent for what it is supposed to do and taming my bed head hair, when suddenly out of the blue disaster struck… now disasters in all it sense has very different meanings for different people around the world… but my disaster was so superficial that I don’t even want to voice it… maybe voice is not the right word when you are writing but you get the point, long story a little shorter the dreaded word ‘Loadshedding’ came to pass… now the meaning of loadshedding is: electricity biting you in the butt and forcing you to make DIY METHODS in all manners your best friend because electricity is a luxury that does not exist for a few hours. Needless to say all was well in the end but my story has a point.
As I was sitting there I was actually hoping we had installed the generator that has been standing in our garage for a few months. It brought me to the point where I realized that God is just so sweet. He installed His generator into us when His Holy Spirit came so merciful into our spirit and is mingling in our soul and eventually influencing our physical decisions. If I was to know that my creations were to be so stubborn and falling into sin the whole time and breaking my heart continuously, I would send them one big loadshedding mass to destroy their stalwart hearts, but my beautiful loving creator steeps down and loves us with an unmerited and undeserving love that acts as our generator when our strength is gone. In fact, as my husband and I was doing Bible study this morning it just stood out for me that the Lord does not merely desire to be your generator, He wants to be your whole electricity system and loves it when we just come to a point where we can say: ‘my merciful Father I am not able to overcome this…  but work your power through me.. it is all that I have’, I think that makes Him smile.
Philippians 4:13 Says : I am able to do all things in Him who empowers me. But you guys.. and girls … here is a big BUTT (without the extra ‘t’) … the word ‘empowers’ in Greek means MAKE DYNAMIC INWARDLY… isn’t that just the coolest thing ever . Christ dwells in us (our superlative generator on steroids). He empowers us, makes us dynamic from within .By such inward empowering we are able to do all things in Christ…

What a sigh of relieve because I am afraid my electricity system is really in need of my sweetest Lord

Adios amigos have a great week


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