My liefde vir die honde

This morning i woke up with anything but a song in the heart. Rephrase: i never really got a chance to sleep. Now in my previous post i wrote about my alter ego dog –Pippel. Last night my little canine decided it would be her night out. As i was sound asleep, i got woken up by a scratch on the door. Pippel wanted to go outside at 2am. Being her legal guardian (seeing that i am a few human years older than her, and the fact that she can’t speak...yet), i took the responsibility of taking Miss Pippel-joe out.

I sat outside in the cold for a few minutes waiting for the little lady to finish up her ‘businesses’. The time started going by and i fell asleep. When i looked at my watch i saw it was 3am, and pippel was nowhere to be found.  I went inside, upstairs ...nothing...I looked everywhere. After lots of commotion and the whole neighbourhood woken up by the Pippel saga, i decided to get the torch from my cupboard and to do what Nancy drew does best: solve mysteries and wake people up at weird hours of the morning. As a scattered around in my room for the torch (4am), i saw a slight movement of irritation in my bed, as if to say to me: ‘Stop making such a noise’. As i pulled up the blankets i could see the grey mass of what is called a ‘dog’  being sound asleep, nice and warm in my bed...  suddenly the disturbing contrast of me outside sleeping in the cold and my dog inside the bed came to mind...

Pffft... love is blind. And i can’t get enough of that cute thing Pippel

Here’s to sleepless nights for the sake of love :)


  1. AH ! Love the one with the little girl and the doggy!!! Great photos like always!!!

  2. :) cute little girl hay !

  3. very cute pics :-)
    by the way, what does pippel mean?


  4. loooove the pic of the little girl :)
    there's nothing better than playing with your dog :)

  5. these shots are so cute!!!!
    love your blog!

  6. Gorgeous photos!

  7. always, beautiful pictures
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